Customer Testimonials

Going Greek

From start to finish, Ross Electric was very professional. They install the Generac generator in a timely manner and explained to us its' functions. They are extremely reliable and I would recommend Ross Electric to everyone.

-Greek George - Liberty, NY

Extremely Satisfied

We are extremely satisfied with the service Ross Electric and their employees provided for us. They were prompt, efficient and extremely courteous. All of our questions and concerns were addressed for us.

-Claus & Elaine - Livingston Manor, NY

Quite Efficient

The process of installation was efficient and done quickly. It was good to have a working generator again.

-Vivian B. - Claryville, NY

The Best !!

From the time Ross Electric wired our new house, we knew that we had the BEST electric contractor available! Recently they installed our 17kw Generac Generator and we are most happy with their skill, promptness and courtesy. We would most highly recommend them for all electrical needs.

-Steve & Michiko L. - Livingston Manor, NY

What a Family!

The Ross Family have been our electricians for three generations, so I was not surprised when Kenny and his employees installed my new generator 'without a hitch'!! Their service is prompt, reliable and pleasant. Kenny is a tribute to his father and his grandfather!

-Ellen J. - Liberty, NY

Like a Good Neighbor, Ross Electric is there.

Kenny Ross has been extremely kind and his staff did the entire generator installation with dignity and care. We couldn't say enough and are very happy to feel 'SAFE' should we have a power failure here. We also get a kick out of listening to the weekly sound the generator makes!

-Eileen & Bob R. - Liberty, NY

Senior Advise

As a senior citizen with a large older house adn a horse barn, I needed a back-up energy source during power outages. Upon contacting Ross Electric, we received prompt service, a generator plan and a quality product. The employees at Ross Electric were professional, courteous and exceptionally competent. Additionally, Ross Electric dealt with inspectors and utility company, resulting in a smooth installation.

-Milton T. - Woodbourne, NY

Great Experience

From the estimate visit to the completion of the installation, there was professionalism, know-how, and attention to detail. The installation was superbly done within the timeframe stated in the contract. I would recommend Ross Electric to anyone seeking to have an automatic generator installed. We are extremely pleased with the service.

-Mamie G. - Woodbourne, NY

For the Best Experience

For the best experience in automatic generators, go to Ross Electric and check out the Generac Generators! Excellent prices, service and friendly and caring public relations. Thanks Ken and staff for a wonderful generator experience!

-Charlotte S. - Grahamsville, NY

Mommy feels safer

As a mother of two and a wife whose husband works nights, I feel much better knowing that I have an automatic generator ready to go when the power goes out. No more lighting candles in each room because the lights are out. No more layering on the clothes because the furnace is out. No more buckets of water to use the toilets. I now have peace of mind and a peaceful household.

-Vicki P. - Bloomingburg, NY